Joe Hettiarachchy


2022-05-11 Himene Tatarahapa (Vocal/Uke video), Michelle H/JH 

2019-05-24 Somebody (Vocal/Piano video), Michelle H/JH

2019-02-23 Shallow (Vocal/Piano video), Michelle H/JH

2015-04-18 Halo (Cover Vocal/Guitar video), AW /JH

2015-02-28 Love Me Harder (Cover Vocal/Guitar video), AW, JH

2014-11-10 XO (Cover Vocal/Guitar), Amie Woody/JH

2014-08-30 Make you Feel My Love (Cover Vocal/Piano), AW/JH

2012-10-28 Untitled (Original Instrumental), JH

2012-10-27 Untitled (Original Instrumental), JH

2011-10-24 The One (Original Piano), JH

2011-03-01 Glow (Original Song), JH

2011-03-01 Glow (Original Instrumental Ver), JH

2010-11-23 Untitled (Original Piano), JH

2010-11-21 Untitled (Original Piano), JH

2010-11-05 Untitled (Original Piano), JH

2010-09-04 Love Me (Original Piano by Jeremy M), JH

2010-08-22 Untitled (Original Ukulele), JH

2010-07-25 Untitled (Original Instrumental) for John H, JH

2010-01-24 Untitled Hip Hop (Original Instrumental), JH

2010-01-24 Reason (Original Instrumental), JH

2010-01-24 Life Can Be So Good (Original Song), JH

2010-01-24 Life Can Be So Good (Instrumental Ver), JH

2010-01-19 Whole New World (Cover Duet), Amie Woody/JH

2009-03-15 Roam (Cover Band), Sarial

2009-03-15 One Way or Another (Cover Band), Sarial

2009-03-15 Joy to the World (Cover Band), Sarial

2009-03-15 Hurts so Good (Cover Band), Sarial

2009-03-15 Hit Me With your Best Shot (Cover Band), Sarial

2009-03-15 Green River (Cover Band), Sarial, JH Vocal

2009-03-15 Faithfully (Cover Band), Sarial

2009-03-15 Ain't Gonna Lie Here Anymore (Cover Band), Sarial

2007-08-05 Untitled 1 (Original Piano), JH

2007-08-05 Untitled 2 (Original Piano), JH

2007-08-05 Untitled 3 (Original Piano), JH

2007-08-05 Untitled 4 (Original Piano), JH

2007-06-15 China Grove (Cover Band VIDEO), Sarial

2007-06-15 99 Red Balloons (Cover Band VIDEO), Sarial

2007-05-13 Needs More Salt (Original Instrumental), JH

2007-05-13 Iatrogenic (Original Instrumental), JH

2007-05-13 Amazing Grace (Cover Piano), JH

2005-03-17 Who Can it Be Now (Cover Band), Crash Cart

2005-03-17 Brandy (Cover Band), Crash Cart

joe’s music studio

Please enjoy the music I have composed, recorded, and covered over the last several years.  Like me on Facebook if you like the music (or even if you don’t) and let me know what you think.

If this is your first time here, check out the songs higlighted in blue; they’re not necessarily better, but the ones I worked the hardest at.